When to partner up with me

I work with both youth and adults of all walks of life who all have two things in common. Firstly a strong desire to make positive changes in their life and enhance their overall well-being and secondly a recognition that they need clarity on what that looks like and support to make it happen.

Some clients consider themselves to be languishing - they are neither ill nor well. They often describe not feeling ok and not fully engaging in life and, for example, talk about lacking vitality, enthusiasm and energy, about having challenges with their mood and / or anxiety, about problems sleeping, about being inactive and lacking positive social relationships. They are generally worried about where it may lead if they don’t take action.

Other clients say they are going ok(ish) - they are functioning in society and meeting their (often wide ranging) responsibilities and obligations (to others). However they report feeling chronically stressed, rushing from one things to another, feeling guilty when they take time for themselves and often describe a sense of constant imbalance in their life - a sense that their life has become more complex than what they can manage effectively. They have typically put self-care at the bottom of the priority list and often talk about a deep realisation that their fulfillment and purpose lies somewhere else. They generally have this nagging sense that they might be at risk of burn-out if they keep going like this.

Whether the first or second description matches up with you the most, our goal together will be the same. To get you to a state of flourishing by looking at you holistically and put in place a personalised programme that empowers you to create the life that makes sense to you, that aligns with what you need to flourish and that leverages all the insights available to us from modern science.

By the way, the definition of flourishing I like to use: “Flourishing encompasses both feeling highly satisfied with your life and also functioning well in it, learning, growing and making contributions to others and society.”

Obviously the detail around flourishing looks different for everyone but it provides a useful outline of what is possible!

Clients describe working with me as a collaborative, restorative and transformative experience, which is exclusively about them! They value being listened to and to be really seen as who they are and who they can be. They appreciate having quality time for reflection and having a professional that can look through many lenses instead of just one and asks them “What matters to you?” instead of “What is the matter with you?” See below what a recent client said about our work together.

Truly Transformative

I began my sessions with Erik not really having an end-point or destination in mind. But simply knowing that all was not right, that I was not flourishing, not living up to my fullest potential. And I knew the answers and reasons came from within, nothing external. Rather than outline a pre-determined or prescriptive path or journey, Erik was deeply inquisitive, in a very warm and encouraging way. He introduced a number of external thought sources for me to consider and reflect on. The result being a rejuvenated sense of closely coupled courage and confidence to make bold choices to improve the quality of my life. I have learned (or re-learned) so much, both internally and externally. And while I am just embarking on this next phase of my life’s journey, I am doing so with heightened enthusiasm and personal clarity. All in all, time and money incredibly well invested in a well-lived future.

I am trained and qualified in facilitating you through a process of self-discovery, reflection, new thinking, insight, expanding horizons, goal setting, taking action and being accountable to propel you towards this state of flourishing! I offer you a personable, confidential and action-orientated space dedicated to just you, your well-being and your important life goals.

I offer a complementary 30 minute discussion in person, via Zoom or over the phone to talk about what you want to achieve, how we could work together and to answer any questions you may have. Click the button below to get access to my online schedule so you can instantly book in a time that suits you best!

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