Evidence based assessments to generate awareness

I work with a select range of evidence based assessments that reveal insights which are both highly informative and instantly actionable. 

The assessments are an integral part of my coaching and are also offered as a stand-alone service which includes the on-line assessment, my analysis and a debrief, to gain significant new awareness about yourself, explore insights and set initial strategies or actions to generate positive change.

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, Resilience at Work (R@W), PRINT® and Strengths Profile also have a powerful team programme each facilitating enhanced flourishing, wellness and performance. Contact me to discussion your organisational and/or team needs.

Whilst an assessment and debrief package can stand alone, many clients go on to further coaching to further expand their awareness and benefit from a coach’s support and accountability to produce sustainable positive change.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust


Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Reach your health and performance potential. The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provides a unique and highly actionable window into your physiology. With its deep insights into the restorative effect of sleep, the amount and quality of overall recovery, health effects of physical activity and your overall stress load and stress versus recovery balance you are set up to make powerful lifestyle adjustments.

It is often not the stress load that causes issues and downstream negative health effects but rather the lack of sufficient and / or poor quality of our recovery. Information is power and the new awareness you will gain from the assessment will uniquely set you up to take charge of your stress and recovery balance and enable you to positively influence your health and performance!

The Lifestyle Assessment is available New Zealand wide. The device is mailed to you with a pre-paid return envelope and the debrief is done virtually via Zoom.


PERMA-V Well-being Assessment

Developed by respected positive psychologist, Martin Seligman and further expanded by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya the PERMA-V well-being model assessment measures the extent to which people flourish, across the six well-being dimensions: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and Vitality. At the debrief session we determine the area(s) of focus to lift your well-being and identify evidence based Positive Psychology strategies most suited to you.

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Resilience at work (R@W)

Resilience is increasingly import as organisational contexts become more and more turbulent, complex and pressurised. Resilience assists individuals and teams to: adapt to frequent change and uncertainty, stay productive, manage customer expectations and maintain physical and emotional well-being.

The Resilience at Work (R@W) framework is developed by Australia-based organisational psychologist Kathryn McEwen in collaboration with the University of South Australia. It provides a resilience assessment for individuals, teams and leaders as well a rich toolkit with practical strategies to enhance resilience levels.

Download the Resilience Whitepaper.

Print the why of you

The Why of you Powered by PRINT®

Everyone has core motivations that drive their actions and behaviors. PRINT® reveals, the "why" behind people's behaviour and in doing so, clarifies what is needed to bring out people’s best. It helps unleash the potential that lies within all people.

PRINT® is a valuable guide to create success and reveal what can be done to face and overcome one’s challenges. PRINT® builds insight into others, as well as one’s self.


Strengths Profile

Discover your strengths, weaknesses, de-energising behaviours and areas of growth potential with a personal Strengths Profile.

This new-generation strengths assessment tool is perfect for those wanting to discover the things that energise them most, and to minimise those that de-energise and may lead to burn-out.

Teams can lift their performance to the next level with a Team Profile assessment and programme.

Download an example personal profile or download an example team profile.


The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle is a powerful leadership development framework, which includes the Leadership Culture Surveyand Leadership Circle Profile.

These 360 degree assessments reveal to leadership teams their current versus desired collective leadership culture and provide individual leaders deep insight into their leadership effectiveness and clear pathways for lifting their leadership to a higher level.

Ideally suited for leadership teams as well as individual, emerging and experienced, leaders and managers at all levels, it is a framework that provides incredible rich information that enables transformational change in leadership effectiveness.

Download the Leadership Circle Profile brochure.


Not sure which assessment(s) are most suitable for your specific needs? Click here to contact me now for no obligation advice.