What you focus on matters!

One important finding from Neuroscience is that where you focus your attention is profoundly important, on a personal and professional level.

Five Focus Lens

Where you put your attention, you make connections in your brain. If the focus is on the problems, the detail and the drama of the past or present, existing and quite possibly unhelpful habits, perspectives and thinking is further embedded.

Further more, when our focus is on the drama, detail and problem our brain chemistry changes. Our thinking narrows, we move into a "cup half empty" mode, trust others less and we become less emphatic!

On the other hand, if we shift our focus onto the vision, where we want to be, what is right instead of what is wrong and what we want to achieve has a hugely positive impact, new perspectives, thinking and ultimately new and more positive habits are created.

Our brain chemistry changes and a positive cocktail of neuro-chemicals floods our brain. Our thinking expands, we have more perspective, shift into "cup half full" mode, move towards other with higher trust and more empathy.

Why is this important? The connections in your brain determine how you see and interact with the world and strongly influence your direction of travel as a leader and as a person. If you want to make positive changes, being disciplined with where you put your focus may well be the most important habit to establish.

"We don't see the world as it is, we see it as WE are." - Talmud

Our tendency is to dedicate the majority of our time and energy on the problems, the detail and the drama and very little in that vision and planning space. Knowing what we now know from Neuroscience, just imagine if we flip this focus around. What better impact would we have as a leader, as a role model for others, as a person and as a team? What better influence would we have on our own growth and development?

As a leader in organisations, why not pause for a moment today and reflect on where your attention and that of your team is focused...

As an individual, why not pause too and pay attention to where you focus has been in the last week, today and where you choose it to be tomorrow...