Discovering, unlocking and applying your strengths

There is overwhelming evidence for using your strengths more. Increased happiness, higher levels of self-esteem, energy and vitality as well as reduced stress and more resilience are just the starting point! Benefits for organisations include enhanced performance, increased employee engagement and faster professional development and growth.

Highly attractive advantages of taking a strengths-based approach, yet most of us find it difficult to accurately pin-point our realised and unrealised strengths let alone maximise their use. And for those of us that have been in the same job or in the same routine for a while, there is probably a sense that those things we are very good at and used to give us lots of energy have actually become quite draining. But again, putting our finger on the exact pain-points isn't that easy and we continue our path on the same hectic and rushed treadmill. 

Coaching clients that have worked with me on discovering, unlocking and applying their strengths more are amazed by the Transformative Insights they have gained. A 30 minute strengths assessment that measures the performance, energy and frequency of 60 strengths attributes followed by a powerful 90 minute debrief, full of insights, discoveries and "aha" moments, with me kick-started a hugely positive and transformational process for these individuals.

They are transitioning into new careers much better matched with their signature strengths, are refocusing their role to moderate those strengths that have become draining (and stop the path toward burn out!), finding new ways to utilise their realised strengths and pursuing opportunities to apply their unrealised strengths. They are all, in their unique ways, shapes and forms, reporting similar benefits to the ones at the start of this post. This is what drives me: inspiring, enabling and empowering others to achieve exactly this!

How about you? If not now, then when?  Is it time for you to gain a better understanding of the authentic you and take a more deliberate strengths-based approach to your professional and personal life?  

Contact me now. I would love to help you discover, unlock and apply your strengths more and enable you to make positive changes that are right for you!

PS: "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there". The R2 Strengths assessment tool I use provides a richness of information that is second to none. I am confident you also will gain Transformative Insights from this process! Check out the sample profile on my LinkedIn page to see how much valuable information you would get access to about yourself! 

PPS: I am an accredited R2 Strengths Profiler Practitioner. This gives you the assurance you are in well-trained and capable hands and that you will gain optimum value from working with me.