Lifting performance to the next level

Coaching for individual staff or teams is about addressing specific performance, trust and collaboration challenges or to take the performance of individual staff and teams from good to great.

Erik specialises in working with:

  • Teams with the potential for higher performance, who are serious about increasing team cohesion and effectiveness in order to increase their contribution to the organisation


  • Staff whose interpersonal relating is holding them back and who need to increase their emotional intelligence and broaden their skill-set so that they communicate, relate and influence better

Using evidence based concepts from the neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology fields and independently validated assessments, I take individual staff and teams on a discovery and awareness journey that quickly surfaces up performance barriers and opportunities.

In a respectful and accountable environment staff and teams are enabled and empowered to shift gear, play to their best-self and strengths and enhance the positive impact they have on others whilst lifting their individual performance to the next levels.

I offer a complementary session to discuss your staff or team coaching needs and to answer any questions you may have. Contact me now on 021 329 460, email or click the button below.


Coaching is highly effective

A growing body of research demonstrates the significant return on investment of coaching for both organisations and individuals. A study of executive coaching by McGovern et al (2001) identified that coaching is worth almost six times the original investment. And a 2009 ICF global coaching client study concluded that “those who undertake coaching can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals”.

The most telling findings from this ICF study is that 96% of people would repeat the process of coaching given the same circumstances that prompted them seeking a coach in the first place.

The field of Neuroscience provides insights into why coaching is such a powerful process and can be so effective at generating the positive change you are looking for to achieve your important goals. In a nutshell, our brain has a lifelong inherent capability to alter itself and make new connections that enable us to operate and think in new ways. However making new connections takes a lot of energy and encounters a strong opposing force from the brains important function of maintaining the status quo (homeostasis).

In order for us to make these new connections we must put our questions and attention in the right place, for example what success or the desired outcome looks like and focus on the solutions, strategies and new behaviours that will get us there. In other words, where you focus your attention really matters!

Coaching works because this is exactly what it enables, supports and empowers you to do. Taking time out from our hectic lives and busy jobs (often focused on the drama, detail and problems) to quieten our brain, look at things from different perspectives, tap into new thinking and shift our focus onto the future and solutions.

It is truly amazing what your brain is capable of when it is given this opportunity to engage with what your authentic future looks like, the productive habits you want to establish or positive impact you want to have in your professional and personal life.

“Where we choose to put our attention, changes our brain and changes how we see an interact with the world” – Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD (Leading Neuroscientist)

Associate Certified Coach

I am an internationally certified coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and abide by their Code of Ethics.

I am engaged in ongoing formal training and supervision to continuously enhance my coaching practice.

associate certified coach