The "Why of You" powered by PRINT®

I am a licensed practitioner/coach in The Why of You Powered by PRINT®, a breakthrough model of human motivation and behavior that was developed by The Paul Hertz Group.

The approach is used to enhance understanding of the way people react and how they relate by explaining the “why” behind their behavior – why people act as they do, why they make certain choices, why they are attracted to certain things and why they function better in certain situations than others.

Everyone has core motivations that drive their actions and behaviors. PRINT® reveals what these motivators are and in doing so, clarifies what is needed to bring out people’s best. It helps unleash the potential that lies within all people. PRINT® is a valuable guide to create success and reveal what can be done to face and overcome one’s challenges. PRINT® builds insight into others, as well as one’s self.

There are 72 PRINTS®, each with their own core motivations and behaviors. No PRINT® is better than any other and each possesses its own natural gifts and contributions (Best Self) and its own potential barriers and obstacles (Shadow).

 Every PRINT® exhibits Best Self and Shadow behavior. The goal of the Why of you program is to teach people how to diminish the frequency of Shadow behavior and increase the presence of Best Self. Shadow is people’s automatic response to the stressors in their lives. It may be more automatic for some people to be in Best Self or Shadow than others. A person’s professional and personal environment plays a role, as well as their level of self-awareness. Studies have shown there is a positive correlation between Best Self and performance. 

I am certified to use and analyze the Paul Hertz Group’s PRINT® Survey, a 10-15 minute, statistically validated, highly accurate, and dynamic online instrument as part of my coaching process (dynamic meaning that different questions come up based on how previous ones were answered, so people take different surveys). The instrument helps me uncover an individual’s core motivators and the behaviors that reflect both their Best Self and their potential Shadow. This information helps me work in partnership with individuals to efficiently accomplish goals and generate strategies to yield desired results.

 Knowing “why” accelerates successful growth and transformation. PRINT® provides this vital information.

Licensed Practitioner

I am a licensed practitioner/coach in The Why of you Powered by PRINT® model.

The Why of you Powered by PRINT®
I really got an awful lot from the print and the follow up. Making these big life choices is still really difficult and scary but I feel much more confident about my reasoning and analysis in approaching those choices. It was the most insightful process, both professionally and personally.

The PRINT The Why of You survey and debrief session enabled me to see clearly for the first time which aspects of my professional life challenge me and which wear me down unnecessarily and why that is.

They gave me an extremely powerful insight into myself, both professionally and personally, and how to get more joy and satisfaction from my life on every level. This knowledge has given me enormous confidence in my choices and actions.
— Jennifer, Teacher