To be coached or not to be coached

A selfish act… or not? It’s the right time for me. Well…..2017 was quite a year; in fact it has been life changing for lots of reasons and all of them good.

I was fortunate enough to meet someone through work that I connected with straight away, someone that had similar beliefs to my own, someone who wants to make the world a better place… and it got me thinking…. For me to help others I need to be the best ‘me’ I can be, and at 49 I reckoned in that moment that I had found the person that was going to help me to achieve this.

And no, not a life partner, a coach, someone who doesn’t know me, won’t judge me but will take me on the journey that I am ready for, the journey to the best ‘me’ that I can be.

Yes! I want to flourish and not just exist!  I had no real idea what I was in for but hailing from a learning and development background I kinda knew what I might expect. But, I have to say, after all these years the experience has been quite unexpected and life changing so far. Really!

I work at Inspire Group at a million miles a minute. My mind is always on the go and the body does its best to keep up. Who’d have thought I could learn so much about myself so quickly and so positively. Now, I’m not saying it’s all plain sailing, it’s actually hard, and in fact at times, quite confronting – but it is real and it is helping me to see myself in a different way, to dip my toe in the water of who I want to be. In fact, it is helping me to discover even more about what I want out of life and I really like it.

There is so much more to life than ‘doing’. Now I find myself more and more in the ‘being’ space, calmly taking it all in, enjoying it, savouring it and not worrying about what might be: it’s actually all about right here, right now.

Early on I asked myself if I was being selfish. I have really analysed (in fact over analysed, of course!) my take on this and my answer is NO! We ALL need time for ‘me’, time to reflect, time to just ‘be’ and time to really think about what is important in life (nudging the big 50 helps with this journey). How do I want the next 50 years to be, who do I want to be, what do I want to achieve and do I want to keep going it alone?

And the result so far…. I’ve emptied my mind, found a calm place and I’ve stayed there, amidst all the noise, I have found space and peace.

I’m looking after me first, and you second. And I am ok with that. - Nic

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New "life" strategies

Having reached my 5-year cancer survival mark I dreamed of grabbing life by the horns, ‘flourishing’ and helping others. In reality though, just getting out of bed and putting on my shoes was an effort.

I was drawn to Erik’s coaching method after reading of his holistic and evidence-based approach to well-being. His words resonated with me and summed up my existence – ‘languishing, neither ill nor well.’ Despite his unique approach, using a variety of scientifically proven coaching methodologies, I was initially skeptical that anything would help me. Until I began to see results.

Erik’s approach worked well for me because it was tailored to my needs. What I feared may be far-fetched dreams and goals, were transposed in to a meticulous and tangible plan. After a few short months of targeted coaching sessions and guided encouragement I have learned new ‘life’ strategies and key practices that began to work for me. I feel like a new person, resurfacing after years of chronic fatigue and apathy. This is not just anecdotal, it is reflected in the improvement of my heart rate variability (HRV) measurement and resulting improvement to my physical energy and mental well-being.

Erik’s empathy and passion for helping people is apparent and as much a factor in the success of his coaching as his wisdom. - Zoe

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Developing a meaningful life

I operate in a busy professional setting, which I enjoy but it can be energy draining. I’ve been working with Erik to help me make sense of this. The Strengths Profile has led to clarity on my realised and unrealised strengths, on what has become draining for me and how to moderate these as well as my weaknesses that I need to minimise. 

From our first session I was struck by Erik’s professionalism, compassion and insightfulness, coupled with an extensive understanding of neuroscience. A trust relationship has developed quite naturally and in this space Erik will gently ask “the hard questions” which help me see blind spots, challenge comfort zone behaviours or nudge me to be accountable. My learning extends beyond our face-to-face meetings as Erik follows up with additional readings, activities and metaphors to ponder.

Erik is fully committed to my journey to develop a meaningful life that aligns with my core values. The knowledge I am gaining from our work together is powerful and is helping me make adjustments in my life well beyond work. For this I am very grateful.” - Sheryl

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Surprisingly valuable

Before starting my sessions with Erik I wasn't fully convinced that I needed any coaching - nothing was "wrong". 

But I've learnt that coaching can be extremely valuable even when you're not in need of help.  I walked away from every session with Erik feeling a little lighter and with fresh valuable insight.  With clever, thought provoking questions and guidance, Erik has helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of myself and to be comfortable with that. 

He has been flexible both in terms of the timing of our sessions (duration and scheduling), and also the structure and subject matter - nothing is ever a problem.  Erik's follow up and sharing of material is also much appreciated and has helped me to better digest key learnings from our sessions. - Global Woman Breakthrough Leadership Programme participant

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Different perspectives to create positive change

Erik is a great coach who has really helped me to put in place new ways of working to improve my creative behaviours.

Our coaching sessions helped me to think about how I was working and ways to make positive changes to benefit the business, people I worked with, my own satisfaction. It was valuable to get a different perspective on things that were challenging me and the frameworks provided were helpful to take an alternative approach or think about things differently. - Glenys

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Truly Transformative

I began my sessions with Erik not really having an end-point or destination in mind. But simply knowing that all was not right, that I was not flourishing, not living up to my fullest potential. And I knew the answers and reasons came from within, nothing external.

Rather than outline a pre-determined or prescriptive path or journey, Erik was deeply inquisitive, in a very warm and encouraging way. He introduced a number of external thought sources for me to consider and reflect on.

The result being a rejuvenated sense of closely coupled courage and confidence to make bold choices to improve the quality of my life. I have learned (or re-learned) so much, both internally and externally.

And while I am just embarking on this next phase of my life's journey, I am doing so with heightened enthusiasm and personal clarity. All in all, time and money incredibly well invested in a well-lived future. - John

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